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Friday, February 12, 2010


This is Zooey. Erik and I rescued her from the Humane Society a couple of years ago. When we first brought her home she was in pretty sad shape. She had a terrible cold complete with sneeze attacks, a runny nose and a eye that was completely swollen shut. To help her to breathe Erik and I boiled water to create a good amount of steam and held her over it (with a secure parental grip :) ) to loosen her congestion.

As you can see, she has long since recovered and turned out to be a "pretty cool cat" as they say. ;) Rescue pets are great! I highly recommend checking out the local Humane Society to anyone considering bringing a new pet into their home. These poor orphaned animals need loving families and as far as I'm concerned no family if complete without an adorable adopted pet roaming about the house.


Casey said...

I love Zooey! As long as I keep her away from my eye! Nice pics, J. Really nice.

Danielle said...

She's cute! Bandit and Zooey should pen pals!!!!!!!