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Monday, January 11, 2010


My Holga camera is one of those treasures that I stumbled upon at a local camera show in Pasadena a while back. The guy gave me a good deal...too good. Ready for the possibility that I had been conned, I avoided picking up this roll from Samy's for a good month or so...putting off the inevitable disappointment in human kind (or at least shady sales people) It turns out Mr. Camera Guy's word was as good as gold. After all, I made him promise that it worked before I handed over the cash. And then made him promise he wasn't lying to me as I was leaving the building. He gets a gold star for honesty. Here are some of the shots from our trip to Yosemite last October.


Translation Page said...

What a great camera! I hope more holga pics end up on this blog.
We should ALWAYS trust people, by the way. Especially salespeople!

Jamie said...

Thanks! You are a gorgeous model. Please tell me you will agree to work with me again! :)