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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jake, Jacoby, Jakington, Jake n' bake, Jakey Wake, Pup n'stuff...the list goes on.

So, this is Jake. He's more like a human than he is a dog. He does not lick and he doesn't care about other animals. The only thing that concerns him is Erik and food (and me when Erik isn't around). Erik rescued Jake from Beagles and Buddy's 7 years ago. Can you believe that this little guy was an orphan? We think he may be mixed with Basset but can't be sure since his family history is a mystery. So, he's part beagle and part mystery.

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Danielle said...

hahahahahaha part Beagle/part mystery!!! hilarious! wonderful pictures, J. I'm so glad you're doing this. :)